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Commercial Warrants Audits

We provide commercial warrant review services to Local Education Agencies in an effort to help ensure compliance with federal, state, and local policies and procedures. We also process and print warrants daily to facilitate timely payments to vendors and assist with accounts payable and purchasing related inquiries.

The Escape Financial Management software applies custom criteria to select payments for audit. We use a risk-based audit approach for all districts using the Escape Software. Districts do not need to opt-in to this process and no specific board approval is required. While SBCEO provides the audit services, districts retain the legal duty for ensuring that payments are valid obligations of the district. A list of county and district responsibilities are outlined below:


  • approves payments after all required documentation is received and reviewed for compliance with rules and statutory regulations
  • prints and distributes approved warrants to districts according to the Accounts Payable Processing Schedule
  • reserves the right to request documentation for any payment that is submitted for issuance


  • ensure the legality and accuracy of commercial warrants
  • provide access to commercial warrant information as requested by SBCEO audit staff
  • retain all documentation for commercial warrants in an organized and secure manner
  • should follow the CASBO Records Retention Manual or rules required by statute