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1099 Processing

The SBAS office prints the 1099 Forms on behalf of the districts.  The 1099s must be printed on specific 1099 paper and we include specialized envelopes for mailing to individual vendors.  It is important for districts to verify the accuracy of each 1099 eligible vendor to determine the necessity and accuracy of the printed IRS documentation. Please review all eligible vendors in Escape prior to the cutoff date. Failure to accurately report and provide this 1099 Tax Information to the individual and the IRS may result in fines for the school district.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is reported on Form 1099?

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Non-corporate individuals who have received $600 or more in compensation for services throughout the year. 



1099 Processing Guide

Employee vs. Contractor

TIN Matching

Creating Escape TIN Matching File for IRS

IRS TIN Matching

IRS Name Controls

Forms & Instructions

Form W-9

Districts are responsible for collecting and maintaining W-9 forms from all vendors.  This form is critical to gathering the information needed to correctly establish the district’s vendor record in Escape. 


Use Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income, for each person to whom you have paid at least $600 (e.g., rents, prizes and awards, other income payments, medical and health care payments, payments to an attorney, nonqualified deferred compensation, etc.).


Use Form 1099-NEC to report $600 or more in nonemployee compensation for vendors.


Corrections:  In the event that a 1099 correction is necessary, please contact the SBAS Finance Team immediately as there is a special handling process for these (see FAQs for more information).