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Payroll Issue Dates

Issue dates occur on the last working day of the month (Regular) and on or around the tenth of each month (Supplemental). Generally, most employees receive their pay on the Regular; the Supplemental payroll is mainly for error correction payments.

Payroll issue dates operate on a countywide basis and do not change because of local holidays or furlough days:

  • Occasionally, an employer may have a local holiday or otherwise not have employees work on a payroll issue date. Any local administrative decisions or collective bargaining commitments as to pay dates, which are contrary to the set schedule, will not result in changes to payroll issue or early release dates.
  • Distribution of any payroll warrant (employee or vendor) prior to the date of issuance will cause the cashing bank to deny payment and will result in the loss of early release of warrants (the day before payday) to your organization.
  • If your organization will not be open on or before a payroll issue date, please contact SBAS to coordinate the delivery or pickup of your warrants. In addition, you may need to arrange for your staff to be available to mail or release warrants on payday. Use of direct deposit for employees is encouraged.
  • Employers are responsible for informing their employees of pay dates.


CA Department of Industrial Relations