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Authorized Signatures

The Education Code Section 35143 requires the governing board of each school district and community college district to hold an annual organizational meeting within 15 days of the second Friday in December. At that meeting, the board schedules next year’s regular meetings, selects officers, and adopts board authorized signatures.


STEP 1: Complete and Submit Survey ---- > DUE: Nov. 15

Please advise our office when the annual organizational meeting will be held this year by completing the information in this form. 

For calendar planning purposes, please take note of the dates below for scheduling organizational meetings in upcoming years. 

2024:  Dec. 13 through Dec. 27, 2024  (Election Year)

2025:  Dec. 1 through Dec. 20, 2025  (Non-Election Year) 

Reminder: If the district is planning to have only one board meeting in December, the First Interim Budget is due December 15.

STEP 2: Complete and Submit forms after the Board Meeting ---- > DUE: Dec. 31

Governing Board Member Organization (Column 1)

The governing board of each district shall elect a president from its members and a clerk (Ed. Code 35143 and CSBA Bylaws 9100).

Authorized Signature Forms (Column 2) and Board Resolution 

Districts or LEAs are required to update their authorized signature forms annually. These original wet-ink signatures authorize the individuals to sign orders in the board’s name and must therefore be board approved. Our office uses information to verify information and validate signatures on the documents we audit and release from our office. Even if there have been no changes in board membership or staff, we require an annual update. 

In addition, attached is a sample resolution for board delegation of authority to make cash and budget transfers for K-12 school districts.

STEP 3: Complete and Submit ---- > DUE: Dec. 31 (Districts only)

School Board Representative to the SBC Committee on School District Organization

Our office also needs the name of your school board representative to the County Committee on School District Organization. The sole function of the board representative is to nominate and elect the eleven members of the Santa Barbara County Committee on School District Organization. Education Code Section 35023 specifies that the representative must be a member of your governing board and must be selected at your annual organizational meeting. Board representatives will be directly notified by our office when they need to nominate and elect, with courtesy copies sent to their superintendents. You may name an alternate, but there is no requirement that you do so. Please complete this form and return.

STEP 4: Submit directly to the State of California (Districts only) ---- > DUE: Dec. 31

Statement of Facts Roster of Public Agencies Filing Government Code Section 53051(b) requires public agencies to file an amended Statement of Facts Roster of Public Agencies Filing with the Secretary of State within ten days of an annual organizational meeting. Submit directly to the State of California Secretary of State, in accordance with the directions noted on the form.


Authorized Signature

Form for Staffing changes

A revised form must be submitted whenever there is a change in board authorized signatures or district agents. Timely revisions help prevent delays in our ability to audit and release district documents.  

Form for Staffing Changes that occur during the year