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Year-End Close

Year-End Close is the process of reviewing and adjusting all accounts to ensure that they accurately reflect the activities for the fiscal year.  Through this process, districts will review current year's activity for accuracy and completeness, close categorical programs, and post accruals to identify the district’s ending balance as of June 30.

To assist districts, our office coordinates deposits, posts JEs, performs property tax reconciliation, reconciles account balances between fiscal years, and performs review of the district’s preliminary year-end close checklist.  We will also check and verify ending and beginning balances before completing the final year-end close. On this webpage, we have provided a calendar, checklist, manual, and other helpful information.

If you have any questions related to the topics below during the year-end close process, you may contact any of the following individuals:


Ext. 5295

Ext. 5226

Ext. 5372


Accruals (set-up)


Balance Resources
(that do not allow ending balances)


Clearing PAYX


Closing Categoricals


Due To/Due From


Journal Entries
(general, cash, IFT, stores adjustments, etc.)


Property Tax



Reversing A/R & A/P Accruals


Unearned Revenue (9650)


Unaudited Actuals


Year-End Closing Screen Questions


Year-End Closing Checklist Questions




2023-2024 Closing Calendar 

calendar icon


Year-End Close Manual

P-Annual Property Tax - Coming Soon

YE SELPA Model  XLSX Coming Soon

YE SELPA Model  PDF Coming Soon

Attendance District Funded County Programs - Coming Soon

GASB 31 - FMV Information - Coming Soon

SSC Resources

Considerations for Closing Books - Coming Soon

Year-End Closing Checklist - Coming Soon

Accrual Information 

Forms & Templates

Fiscal 51 SACS Extract Unaudited Actuals

Year-End Close Checklist - Coming Soon