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District Deposit Overview

Most school districts and county offices deposit their receipts and collections of moneys with their county treasurer because they are required to by Education Code Section 41001.

Process for Submitting a Deposit

Step 1 – Entering into the financial system (accounts receivable)

District staff collect cash and checks on behalf of the district to deposit into their funds at the County Treasurer’s office. The items designated for deposit are entered into the Escape system as Accounts Receivable (AR).

Step 2 - Completing the Bank of America deposit bag

Review instructions: 

Follow steps 1-9 printed on the clear deposit bag. 
Use a ballpoint pen to write on the bag to avoid smearing.

Deposit type: 

Check the type of deposit to be enclosed.
Unless your district uses an I-Tran Machine, please check the “Un-Encoded Checks ONLY” box only when depositing checks.

Customer name: 

Use this name specifically:  “Cnty of SB Treas-Tax Coll Cnty Schools.”

Store/Location #: 

District name and account number.  Example:  “ABC District #980001.”


The date that deposit will be delivered or picked up.

Deposit bag should contain: 

The currency total, coin total, checks total and the Grand Total.

Sealing the bag:

Insert properly completed deposit slip (see instructions in Toolbox).
Remove the liner from the glue strip and press firmly to seal the bag so that the bag cannot be tampered with.

Step 3 – Approval of deposit

Once all the items for a particular deposit are entered into the Escape system, they must be approved by your district’s board delegated staff member with approval authority.

Step 4 – Upload Escape AR06 Report

In Escape run an AR06 report for the deposit. Please be sure to have the deposits approved prior to sending to our office as we require that deposits be approved before we send them to the County Treasurer’s office.

Note: Ensure the deposit is in “Audit” status before sending to our office. Otherwise, the deposit will be held. Once the deposit is approved and in Audit status, we will forward to the County Treasurer’s office.

The district should include the Escape AR06 Report (submitted via ‘Uploads’ on the SBAS website) as part of their submission to our office.

Step 5 – Submit your deposit

Send your completed bag to SBAS (or may be taken directly to the Santa Barbara County Treasurer’s Office. See below for addresses).

  • All deposit items should be inserted in the special dark blue zippered deposit trucking envelopes. Trucking will then deliver the envelopes to our office, where the accounting technicians will review the deposit for completeness and log the deposit prior to forwarding it to the County Treasurer’s office.


In order to have the deposit posted on the same day of delivery, it must be received by SBAS and ready for trucking by 9 a.m. or if the district wishes to deliver the deposit directly to the Santa Barbara County Treasurer’s Office, delivered by 10 a.m. Districts may deliver deposits directly to the following addresses:

  • Santa Barbara County Treasurer’s Office – South County
    County Administration Building
    105 East Anapamu Street, Room 109              Santa Barbara
  • Phone: (805) 568-2920
  • Santa Barbara County Treasurer’s Office – North County
    Betteravia Government Center
    511 Lakeside Pkwy 
    Santa Maria
  • Phone: (805) 346-8330